Sunday, April 20, 2008

Death to the Region Code

Last Monday, the Smash Bros Dojo site finally stopped updating after almost a year of slowly unveiling my most anticipated game for the Wii, Super Smash Bros Brawl. But it had to happen sooner or later. By the time they stopped, Brawl had already been released in both Japan and the USA. I have been waiting almost 3 years now, for this game to be released.

So why am I still waiting for it?

Oh, wait. That's right, Nintendo of Australia have done what I have been fearing ever since they announced this game, they have pushed back the release date about a few months after the USA have had it, in other words, the USA have had it since March. We could take the time difference easier if Nintendo AU had actually told us when Brawl will come out. That's right, Nintendo AU don't even want to tell us when it even shows up here. What a pile of s**t.

And yet this could all be forgiven if we could simply import the game from Japan or the US. But no. Nintendo wants us to suffer as much as we can and so have seen fit to have all Wii consoles Region locked. In other words, my Wii will only play PAL games and PAL games only. That is the final straw. Region code need to be wiped out now if this sort of thing goes on. I can take this whole region locking business if the release dates are in a reasonable enough time frame. But when you break up all the different dates with ridiculous time stretches between them, then all you are doing is pissing off the people who live in the regions that get the bad end of stick even more. Add a sense of ambiguity to the date and then you start to move into utter laziness. It all adds up to one big "F**k you" to all the gamers who are waiting for games like Brawl (and a special mention to gamers who are waiting for Rock Band).

To add to this all, I remember Nintendo announcing the Wii would be region free before contradicting that very statement a day later, back in 2006. A PR person defended it by saying "Very few gamers import games anyway". Bull s**t. There are still gamers who want to play games that won't get released in their region. And if you don't want to cater to the gamers who import, then stop giving them reasons to do it! Hell, even the Virtual Console is region locked (Although I commend Nintendo for that whole Hanbai Festival thing)! And you know, your very own DS handheld is one big contradiction to your emphasis on region locking.

This is all coming from someone who has suffered through this crap before. In 2003 my dad came back from a business trip to the USA and, for a gift to me and my brother, got us both Super Smash Bros Melee and Metroid Prime on the Gamecube (the console I owned). Sadly me and my dad were unaware of region coding at the time can guess what happened when I tried to play them. Let's just say that I would never get to own Prime (I did eventually get Melee and I borrowed Prime from my friend. Both were utter masterpieces and that pissed me off even more. I still play Melee even today.). But it was my first taste of the monstrosity that was region locking.

And look at what has happened before, Super Paper Mario was released in April in the US and Nintendo AU wouldn't give us a release date until around July (And announced the date would be in late September. I was also planning to get that game for my birthday in June too. Although in retrospect it was probably not worth it). We only just have Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn, a mere 6 months after the US and a year after Japan. Even Zack and Wiki saw a few months added to it's arrival here. At least Super Mario Galaxy had a good release date here. Not to mention we are actually getting Mario Kart Wii here on April 24, before the US! Woo!

But that's enough ranting, in the end, the region code business needs to stop now. Either abolish the code or even out the dates. It's not hard. Just throw all us Australians (and Europeans) a bone. But our final word will go to Yahtzee of Zero Punctuation, who has managed to completely sum up the release date issue.

Australia, as most intelligent people know, is populated by the descendants of convicts sentenced to exile for cutting purses and throats on the streets of London Town. As for the people who's purses and throats were cut, their descendants now work in the games industry, and conspire to continue the punishment of Australians by stamping an arbitrary number of months on to every single motherf**king release date.
Zero Punctuation

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Death Noted

Hey. There have been a lot of things stopping me from making posts, writer's block for one. But there has been a show I have been enjoy lately. A little show called Death Note. I have watched Anime in the past, mostly stuff like Naruto and Dragon Ball, but this one just simply beats the crap out of both of them. Death Note is the best Anime I have ever seen. It's also the most intelligent show I have seen.

The story manages to look deep into such subjects as human nature and the right to punish. The main plot, the conflict between the Protagonist Light Yagami and the Detective L is amazing, watching their separate plots unfold as one tries to outsmart the other, it's all very well done. The characters are brilliantly done. Light is basically the Anime version of Macbeth and L, man L. L is one of the greatest characters ever created, managing to throw all detective conventions out the window.

That's enough from me. Death Note, sadly, will not make it to broadcast here, since Cartoon Network AU ditched Adult Swim. However, the DVD's and the Manga will arrive next month. Seriously, it's worth watching.

Saturday, February 9, 2008


Sorry about the delay, but it's taken 2 weeks to get the computer to get updated with ADSL2 and for that time the internet was down. But in that time:

Wow. Fireworks can be really loud up close. But watching them up close is pure joy. I was disappointed when the Chasers didn't show up, ala APEC (SCREW APEC).

I have only been at school for a week but it's buisness as usual for me. I hope I can stand the increased pressure though.

Yes, I know I am just a bit late but luckly for me, I managed to catch Nick's 2 day Avatar marathon and caught up to the end of Book 2. Let me say that Avatar is the main reason for watching Nick now. It has become one of the best shows I have ever watched. Just watch it now.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Oh Crap!

Two things.

Oh Crap! 1
My Internet download cap hit it's limit for this month. ARRRRRRRGGGGHHHHHH!!! This means my computer takes about 5 minutes to load the IGN home page. Also I can't watch Youtube videos unless the video is less than 2 minutes and even then it would take 5 minutes at least.

Oh Crap! 2
SMASH BROS BRAWL IS DELAYED AGAIN?! GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! Even though I don't live in the US the delay means that it will take even longer than the US for the release in Australia.

Sunday, January 13, 2008


In memory of Spot Patch Prentice
April 2000-January 2008

Yesterday my Dog Spot, Passed Away around 8:30 PM yesterday.

He was always there for me. He could always make me smile.

This is the first death that has been close to me. Handled it much better than I thought I would but it's hard to know that I can't touch or hear him ever again.

Goodbye Spot.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

My personal list: Most Dissapointing Fight scenes Part 1

We watch media to watch love, comedy and dogs pulling helpless children out of inconveniently placed wells. But let's face it, the main attraction is seeing people beat the crap out of each other.

Welcome to the noble fight scene. The one of the most popular entertainment in media today, and has been popular ever since that one monkey pelted his feces at his fellow chimp millions of years ago. But what happens when something builds up to the fight but it falls short? Then you have the disappointment. After all that Momentum, the fight falls short and you, the viewer is left wondering "how the hell could it have turned into THAT?!" while the creators laugh and laugh and laugh.

This list will be broken up into several parts. In this first installment I will be looking at Western Animation. Remember, these are my own opinion.


Even though Ben 10 is now being whored to death by Cartoon Network and the main character raises the standard for cartoon idiots, it was a watchable show. Now some of the greatest fights in the show came at the season finales. The first and second season had proved this (the third, less so). Anyway let's get to the point. When I read about the concept for this episode I couldn't wait! This would truly be the perfect finale for the show: all the greatest villians together and having one giant climatic fight! It sounded flawless, like nothing could go wrong.

Sadly, I said the same thing about Spy Kids 3D (my reasoning,:It's Spy Kids and Video Games! I love them both! And in 3D! What could go wrong? Turns out, a lot).

The first thing I noticed was that the show saw it fit to bring in a Marty Stu for the show's Grand Finale, which is one of the worst things anyone could ever do for these types of episodes. Going on, I sat throughout the episode watching, waiting for the likes of Vilgax, Kevin and Victor's team to show up. When the episode ended I realized the horrible truth.

The "Negative Ten" consists of average recurring villians and one-off villians. There was none of the major villains in sight. Words could not describe how disgusted I was. So they get to the fight and it involves the villians maybe getting one or two dueling strikes but otherwise getting flicked away when they attempt an attack. Then we get to the final battle: Ben VS The Forever King. The FK absorbs the episode's MacGuffin and messes up Ben (who has turned into Upchuck: one of his lamest forms. His powers are swallowing things and spitting out energy.) for a bit, then Ben as Upchuck swallows the MacGuffin, big blast, fight's over. That's it. This is how Ben 10 ends.

Never have I seen a show that collapsed so miserably on it's finale. There may be a new series of Ben 10 coming soon, but for now, we are stuck with this: a shadow of what the final battle of Ben 10 should have been. Sad.


Recently, I have seen tones of backlash against the Doctor Who Season 3 finale. It was that bit where the Doctor becomes god like and reduces the Master to a pathetic, scared, quivering wreck. I would have to agree. That whole scene may as well have been a stage in Elite Beat Agents.

(I have no idea how to use photoshop, nor could I find an EBA picture of just the bottom screen, but replace the top half of the second picture with the fist picture and you should get the idea)

Anyway, what I trying to say is that the next fight scene on my list is more or less the same thing. In the Teen Titans season 3 finale had Cyborg fighting his arch nemisis Brother Blood. Blood is now powerful enough to rip Cyborg's arms and legs off and has his entire team captured, Blood rips into Cyborg's CPU to try and find out how he was immune to his hypnosis and then..........same thing as Doctor Who. Cyborg becomes god-like and rips off Blood's arms before K.Oing him, later we find out that blood has been sent to jail.

Now the Deus Ex Machina was bad enough (they justify it as a one off thing), but sening him to a jail? Sending this Homicidle Darwinist to a jail where he could easily break out (however, Blood subverted the Cardbord Prison trope and never appeared again) is childish. Could they have just KILLED Blood? Have Cyborg blast him to oblivion with his god powers, maybe? I know this is a kids show but come on. I wanted this after the season 2 finale where the big bad fell into LAVA. Well anyway, that mistake and the Deus Ex Machina puts this on my list.

Only two? Trouble is, I can't think of any, I have a headache and I am tired. But if you have any examples, feel free to put them on.

NEXT TIME: Part 2: Anime

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The Fallen Defender

First off, I have to say that the Smash Bros Brawl update drought is OVER. The fun stages from Melee returning, A new Multi Man team that looks amazing and CAPTAIN OLIMAR AS A NEW CHARACTER. AWESOME!

But now for the main story.

I had heard about it, I had seen the damage, I knew about how the defenses could fail, but I never thought I would be visited by the curse of the Amazing Flying Wiimote.

I was wrong.

Well, not me anyway. See today my friend came over and his brother was here for a bit. I went upstairs to show my pal the Yahtzee "Zero Punctuation" Review videos (Which are brilliant, so go see them now), when my dad came and said to me that the hand strap on one of the Wiimotes had severed. See, my pal's brother and my brother were playing Wii Sports bowling when one of the Wiimotes slipped out of the grip and then the strap severed and the Wiimote hit the ceiling.

You know after hearing about this for so long it's a bit of a shock for it to happen to me. Oh well, time to order a new one from Nintendo....